1) First you have to create and verify a account, after that you can purchase Bitcoin. Within Coinbase there are multiple payment methods to buy Bitcoin for your account.

2) Sending Bitcoin costs money (transaction fee), you always have to buy around €1,50 more than the order requires (this amount may vary depending on how busy the network is). This is because after buying the Bitcoin, you also have to send them to us. This way, you will have enough Bitcoin in your account to pay for the transaction fee and for your order.

copy tab3) Place your order on our website. You will then be rerouted to our RKPay payment website with your unique payment information (Press the ‘Kopiëren’ Tab [See above] for the payment address and Bitcoin amount). Send the Bitcoin from Coinbase to your orders’ unique payment address. It will ask you how much fiat ($, €) you wish to send. If possible, change this to Bitcoin. Insert your orders’ unique bitcoin amount here, located on the RKPay payment website. If you don’t have enough Bitcoin for your order (because of the fees) consider buying a bit more to succesfuly complete your order.

4) After sending the Bitcoin to us, wait around 15 minutes and then check your inbox and spam folder for our confirmation e-mail. Also, you can keep the RKPay webpage open to check the payment status!

5) If, for some reason, they ask you what the name and address is of the receiver. Or ask you the purpose of the transfer. Just fill in your own name and address, and tell them the purpose of the transfer is to store the Bitcoin safely in your own personal wallet. This is a very logical reason, since exchanges like Coinbase can be hacked. And your personal wallet can’t be hacked without your private key, that only you own.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your trust.

Best regards,

The Ritalin Kopen team