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Liever in het Nederlands?

We have created this website for the following reason; to make it safe ánd easy to get hold of the tool, Ritalin. There is a lot of medication in circulation that is being distributed by private individuals. As a result, it is not possible to check whether the medication being offered is genuine, whether it is ‘clean’ and whether it contains the correct dosage. There is also a lot of medication from abroad which is offered here as a ‘Dutch medicine’. It is not only naive but also very dangerous how people deal with this. They do not consider the many risks that it entails. This gave us the reason to create an environment in which people can order their Ritalin safely, discreetly and anonymously. The Ritalin that we offer is laboratory tested, there is no difference between our products and the Ritalin from a regular pharmacy.

Safety also means that advice and tips are given about how the medicine should be used. This is another thing that sets us apart from others and even from psychiatrists. Of course this sounds a bit strange, as if a Psychiatrist is not giving good advice. Research that we have conducted among people who have been diagnosed with AD(H)D shows that the psychiatrist’s average advice is similar to the following: “This is Ritalin (Methylphenidate), the dosage is difficult to determine, you have to find out on your own. It works for about 4 hours, so it’s best to take it again after this period. If you have any questions after usage, please contact us. Good luck!” One person told us that the Psychiatrist had literally used the following words: “You have to experiment a little with this yourself.” Here at Ritalin Kopen, we have dedicated a whole page to advice and tips on using Ritalin. This is based on scientific research, experiences from experience-experts and of course the official user instructions.

Ritalin is normally only available on a doctor’s prescription. We find it odd that the choice lies with the government and not with the people themselves. Especially when we hear that many people are not prescribed Ritalin, while they will clearly benefit from this. In the Netherlands we live in a democracy. The Dutch word comes from the Greek words dèmos, which means “the people” and krateo, which means “to rule,” which together means “the people rule”. For this reason we believe that the people themselves can decide what they may or may not consume. No person should be able to forbid another person from consuming something. Nobody is owned by anyone. Especially not when a substance such as Ritalin supports the personal situation of the user, but does not have a negative influence on another’s situation, as is the case with alcohol and tobacco.

The sale of alcohol and tobacco, which are generally known to be harmful goods, is the most normal thing in the world and is treated in this way. This means that we see no reason why we should not offer a tool such as Ritalin. After all, the government wants the Netherlands to be highly educated, to have less crime and to treat people more responsibly. These are just a few examples of the many things that can be achieved with Ritalin.

So our mission is: Ritalin for everyone!

Ritalin Kopen is not part of Sandoz or Novartis.